23-Mar-2020 - Power of One


  • The Power of One outputs are no longer annualised. We have made this change to better reflect stress testing outputs on quarterly and other short time periods in this unusual time of the COVID-19 crisis

13-Mar-2020 - Business Value Indicator


  • We have changed the way we calculate Business Value by taking Cash on hand into account. This should now be more consistent with user expectations

08-Jan-2019 - Happy New Years!


  • (ADVISOR) Entities can now be reassigned between Clients
  • (ADVISOR) Setting the country on a Client will now force all connected scorecards to use the currency of that country


  • Balance Sheet Story graphic has been simplified to display Total Assets instead of Current Assets + Non-Current Assets and Total Liabilities instead of Current Liabilites + Non-Current Liabilities
  • Business Value Indicator drivers can now take very large numbers (<10 trillion)
  • All diagrams/graphs now show numbers in short form notation (eg. 52B, 5T, 6.7M) when the graphic needs to display very large numbers (>999M). Smaller numbers are displayed in full as normal

05-Dec-2018 - Major Update v2.0

  1. New overall look and feel to modernise the product, we have made a significant effort to make the product more intuitive and easier to use. Including better swipe enabled navigation.
  2. Learning Centre with white papers, how to guides, assistance and user guides
  3. Simplified the loading screen
    • Removed the EBIT input line and added Tax Paid into the Other information section
  4. Added two new loading Templates
    • Partnerships - Option to enter Partners Loan Accounts
    • Trusts – Option to enter Beneficiaries Loan Accounts
  5. Advisor version only  - Clients
    • We have added an additional layer to assist you to manage your Entities and Scorecards better.
    • Clients -> Entities -> Scorecards
  6. Scorecard types you now have the ability to create 4 types of scorecards:
    • Annual – up to 4 periods of data with a new option of making the last column a ‘year to date’ (YTD).
    • Quarterly
    • Comparative 
    • Other
  7. Improved functionality on all Pages:
    • Customise the page – New feature enabling you to rearrange elements on the page or hide elements.
    • View The Story for the whole page, print out in a PDF format
    • View Accounts – New Feature – shows the Financials you loaded or imported
    • Navigate – Lists all available pages with the ability to jump to any page in the product.
  8. Template – New Feature
    • Ability to apply a Template to a Scorecard
    • CFS has built and supplied a range of Templates, with rearranged pages, less information etc.
    • Design your own Template - Remove an element, remove a whole page, create your own page, change the order of pages, design your own story.
  9. Redesigned the look and feel and content of the 4 chapters: 
    • Replaced Change % to Movement for all Ratios
    • Redesigned the pages to flow better
  10. Summary Page
    • Replaced the 3 Cash Flow measures with a simple list of Cash and Debt items.
    • Changed Your Balance Sheet Story to a  simpler graph, and moved the existing graph to the Funding Page
  11. Chapter 1 – Profitability
    • Expanded the Ratios element adding 6 new measures.
  12. Chapter 2 – Working Capital
    • Upgraded the Working Capital Timeline added the Cash Impact of the change between the two periods
    • Added a New Graph – Working capital per $100 – this graph shows the investment in each element of Working Capital for the next $100 of Revenue
    • Added a new Trend Graph showing the investment on working capital for each element for each period of the scorecard
    • Removed Your Gap Graph
    • Expanded the Ratios element adding 2 new measures
  13. Chapter 3 - Other Capital
    • Removed your Growth Strategy from the Default View
    • Added a new Trend Graph showing the 3 elements of Return on Capital for each period of your scorecard
    • Enhanced the Return on Capital % graph by showing each element of Return, Operating Profit % and Assets Turnover
    • Expanded the Ratios element adding 3 new measures
  14. Chapter 4 – Funding
    • Added a new Trend Graph showing Cash, Total Debt & Equity for each period of your scorecard
    • Removed Balance Sheet Equation Graphic
    • Added a new table Your Funding which shows Cash Flow generated or required for each Chapter
    • Moved Your Equation Graphic from the Summary Page
    • Expanded Profit v Cash Flow to show the Profit lines through to Retained Profit
    • Expanded the Ratios element adding 3 new measures
  15. Business Value Indicator – Substantial new design
    • Added a default Summary View, which shows a summary of the Current Business Value, the Power of One Impact as well as the Improved Value
    • Ability to enter any Profit Multiple to 2 decimal places
    • Ability to enter a 2 decimal range number
  16. Sustainable Growth
    • Substantially redesigned the Sustainable Growth Graphic making it a lot more intuitive and easier to understand. 
  17. Considerable enhancement to the Story for all elements of the product
  18. Substantial update to the Help system
  19. New enhanced Excel loading template, now showing the reconstructed accounts on the right panel
  20. 3 new Excel loading templates – Standard, Partnerships and Trusts